Blue Star Counseling provides child counseling services in Austin, Texas
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Blue Star Counseling provides child counseling services in Austin, TX

Child & Adolescent Therapy

Services by Kathryn Zentner, LCSW

Kathryn Zentner provides family counseling services Austin, TX

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Children and adolescents are referred for therapy for a variety of reasons: anger, aggression, fears, phobias, depression, ADHD, learning issues, perfectionism, developmental delays, impulsivity, social concerns, attachment challenges, excessive worrying, over-reactive emotional responses, adjustment issues, anxiety, and/or other problematic behaviors.  Therapy and/or changing how the child is parented usually decreases these symptoms significantly.


Life circumstances which may challenge the parent/child relationship include: prolonged adult or child illness, multiple family moves/caregivers, high stress in the family or community, death or divorce of parents, history of adoption/foster care, premature birth, child abuse or neglect, developmental delays, parent drug or alcohol abuse, parents who have difficulty controlling their anger or anxieties, and/or child with a strong-willed temperament.


As a child and family therapist, Kathryn believes that parents play a vital role in addressing their child's underlying anxiety.  Almost all of her work with children includes the parents, with separate parent coaching sessions scheduled as needed.


Services provided include:











Kathryn believes that healing comes from exploring our relationships with others and within ourselves through the mind, body and spirit. Therefore, she has sought training in the experiential psychotherapy modalities of Theraplay and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy She is a Certified Theraplay Therapist, Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) Parent Educator, a Registered Circle of Security Parenting Facilitator, and a Certified Beyond Consequences Instructor. Her parent coaching utilizes concepts from Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI), Circle of Security Parenting, and Beyond Consequences  Each provides ways to explore how our attachment systems can help us regulate our emotions and heal from past trauma.



  • Child therapy with the parent present
  • Family play therapy utilizing Theraplay® principles
  • Individual therapy for parents
  • Parent consultation groups/parent training
  • Parent coaching

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